Many guys interested in cryptocurrency constantly use words from cryptotematics in their speech, but do they always use them correctly? You may be surprised, but almost 70% of people (according to a survey conducted in Telegram among 100 people involved in cryptocurrency) confuse concepts such as “coin” and “token”. I have also been in Free TON for more than 6 months and I constantly see how the guys make mistakes, I even noticed similar errors from fairly well-known people in the Free TON project. Let’s see what TON Crystal refers to

And so, let’s start with the definitions:

Token is a cryptocurrency created from someone else’s blockchain. That is, he does not have his own blockchain, but works on the basis of another. Each of you can create a token.

Coin – it cryptocurrency, which has its own blokcheyn and not on anyone “parasite.” The coin is a fairly large and capacious software solution. Not everyone can create a coin. This requires a lot of money.

Now let’s look at the question: is TON Crystal a coin or a token?

Since TON Crystal has its own blockchain – Free TON, then of course this is a coin. To say that TON Crystal is a token is wrong. However, many make this mistake due to the banal ignorance of the difference between coins and tokens.

Now, I hope that every reader who sees and reads this article will use these words correctly and never confuse them. And you will become a truly avid cryptomaniac!

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