The Free TON community has finally provided the opportunity to purchase tickets for the main project holiday of this year – the anniversary of Free TON. All you need is a TON Surf and a pair of TON Crystals.

I draw your attention to the fact that a ticket costs from 1 TON, but the organizers will be extremely happy if you pay more, because the amount of donations determines how cool the holiday will turn out

Therefore, let’s all together make the coolest holiday!

 May 7, a venue in Moscow City, Hype City

You can buy a ticket here – click here.

And this is instruction for purchasing:

Tickets for 1st anniversary of FreeTON launch celebration event are
developed as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and you can purchase
them for TONs using NiFi Tickets debot in TON Surf browser

You need to have TON Surf wallet to purchase the tickets

  1. Choosing Browse DeBots within TON Surf:

2. Then enter NifI Tickets debot address:


3. ou will find the debot. Start it

4. Upon start you will see following

5. Select My account to proceed

You will see Main menu of the debot. Additionally, you will see
● the number of the tickets already purchased and the number of tickets
available for sale
● details of the event

6. Select Buy ticket for new purchase and enter any amount (in TONs) in excess of 1
TON. You are free to pay premium above 1 TON)

7. Confirm the purchase

8. Once you signed with Surf PIN, you’ll see processing messages. Just wait…

  • in case the processing somewhat stuck, try Renew button in the top-right corner of
    the screen

9. You’ll finally see new tickets in your wallet

In My tickets you’ll find the list of tickets, by their numbers

Thank you for reading this article!

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