Decentralization is a process of distribution and dispersal of power, in which power is transferred from central government to ordinary and independent people. An exchange, a project, a blockchain and others can be decentralized. Thanks to decentralization, everyone using one or another platform (which is decentralized) has the same powers as any other.

In the Free TON project, decentralization has been carried out since the inception of the project. For more than a year now, the project has been developing, and it is managed by ordinary people – the community. And each of you can help in promotion or improvement.

How does decentralization manifest itself?

Free TON has Sub-Governances consisting of independent persons who manage a particular direction of the project, it can be such directions as design, programming, promotion, creation of smart contracts, some additional regional groups and others.

Also, decentralization is manifested in the fact that all decisions are made by the majority.

There is an interface where one or another proposal is uploaded and then the time for voting is given. When 50% + 1 votes are received, the proposal is accepted and implemented. Or, if this is a competitive proposal, then it is accepted and it becomes possible to publish an application for participation, which will be further evaluated by independent jury members, who were also elected once when the sub-governance was created.

If you wish to join the work of any sub-governance, then you can find the channel in the telegram and contact them. All operating sub-governances can be found here

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