Today the community was invited to discuss a new proposal – DeSocial Managing Super Heroes Contest

The essence of the contest is that it is proposed to select 12 social moderators (2 heroes in each social network with 12-hour coverage) for a period of 1 month in order to manage the main social networks of the Free TON project.

The main goal of this contest is to attract new members to the community, thanks to the correct and catchy design of social networks, by informing project participants through these social networks, as well as distributing content and responding to comments from community members.

There are 6 social networks to choose from. Each can have 2 moderators. Each moderator who won the contest and proved his work within a month will receive a good prize.

Prize money for all moderators is different, the price varies depending on the chosen social network.

In short, you can see the awards in the screenshot below:

This contest is somewhat reminiscent of the contest for the heroes of the project, don’t you think?) In fact, it is, and the author of this proposal also points to this. But this is important, the most important thing for which we are trying and fighting is to attract new members to the community. And the acceptance of this proposal will greatly contribute to our goal.

So please follow the link and support this proposal:

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