Proposal is a specific offer put forward by its author or a group of people from the community, aimed at making a decision.

Proposal can be of 2 types:

Like just proposal. That is, the ultimate goal of such proposals is the actions that, as a rule, the initials/jury members want to perform. This can be: decisions to exclude/add jury members, the adoption of any important changes in the sub-management, these can be proposals to increase the voting time, these can be proposals to change the conditions of competitions, etc. The result of such proposals is simple, if 50% + 1 votes for such a proposal, then the proposal is accepted and executed. If less, then the sentence is not executed.

Like a proposal with contest . In this case, the proposal is placed on the blockchain as a competition and implies its launch, if accepted. That is, if 50% + 1 votes are collected and the proposal is accepted, then a competition is launched for this proposal and the conditions specified in it.

That’s all about the proposals in the Free TON project.

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