The FreeTONshop partner is the first store to sell items under the FreeTON brand and the first store to accept payments exclusively in TON Crystal.

The partnership was adopted in October 2020. The goal was to attract new people to the community. And now, for 6 months, the store has been actively attracting new freetoners through advertising, promotions and contests.

Now, before the anniversary of the Free TON project, the store administrators decided to hold a seven-day marathon, where participants are invited to complete a series of simple tasks aimed at popularizing the project outside the community.

According to the results of the competition, it is promised to identify 3 people who coped with the tasks set the best.
They will be rewarded with a special gift. Each of them will receive a limited edition merch from the store.

P.S. The organizers also note that if the number of participants who completed all the tasks is more than expected, then they will reward more people.

It’s not too late to take part, rather follow the link to the channel and read all the conditions, become one of the participants and win a limited merch!




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