TON Alliance is an organization allied with the overall objective to create conditions for a substantial and worthy of the Defi TON of free and its ecosystem as a whole.

Among the main goals of these guys, the most memorable ones can be distinguished:

  • Creation of a base for accumulation and increase of liquidity
  • Promotion of the Free TON project and the ecosystem as a whole
  • Building new partnerships
  • Engaging development teams that will participate in Free TON DeFi contests

A feature of Alliance from regular DeFi in Free TON is that the former pays attention to both the technical areas of projects and economics, while Defi in Free TON devotes time only to the technical aspects.

The guys at requested a budget of 500 000$ to create liquidity and to fund active DeFi products, and today they submitted a progress report.

If you believe the data provided by the official of the Alliance project, then on the screen below you can find out where the allocated budget went.

Now the request for a new budget is increased up to ….. 25,000,000 TON Crystal. Yes, that is the number of coins requested from Alliance. Now it remains to observe how the community reacts. I agree that DeFi is important and should be developed, but I believe that the amounts are cosmic. What do you say? You can discuss it directly on the forum.

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