You probably know that each SubGovernance recruits new jury members at the beginning of its work to create a decentralized environment in which all decisions would be made independently and with consensus. Did you know that both initial members and jury members can be excluded from SubGovernance? Let’s take a look at the situations in which this is possible.

In the absence of activity

As a rule, they can be expelled for lack of activity if you did not vote in two contests in a row or in two contests in a row you voted for less than 70% of all applications. In this case, as an initial or a member of the jury, you may be expelled. There are also situations when a person does not get in touch for a long time (from a month or more) – in such situations, such a member can also be excluded.

In case of fraud

If you are suspected of fraud and it has been proven, you can be expelled. How can fraud be manifested? – Anything. From voting for your people to stealing your budget. There may be various reasons why you might be expelled.

In the absence of competence or other reasons

There are also situations when a certain person becomes an initial member or member of the jury, but at the same time he does not have the competence thanks to which he will be able to sensibly evaluate the applications of the participants. In this case, such members can also be excluded. (

May be excluded for other reasons. For example, when reorganizing a SubGovernance in which you were a jury member or an initial member. As a rule, there are few such incidents. Therefore, you have already familiarized yourself with the main three reasons, if you follow all the rules and follow this article, then you are unlikely to be excluded.

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