The guys from the court department DevExperience launched a new competition today to create an auction for the project. According to the authors of this proposal, there is a clear need for Free TON to implement various auction options. And judging by the fact that there are many types of using the auction mechanics, the guys need to effectively implement several types of auctions, making the calculation that the results obtained will correspond to the architecture of distributed smart contracts.

In this competition, participants will compete with each other in the creation, processing, testing and deployment of smart contracts that implement different types of auctions.

Since the guys have ALREADY created the Vickrey Acukions, now we should focus on other types, namely:

English auction

Dutch auction

According to the terms of the competition, it starts today and will last until July 26. For rewards and other more complete conditions of the competition, you can always familiarize yourself with the project interface –, or on the forum –

And regarding the conditions of the current competition, follow the link –

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