There is such a need and demand for a good realization of different kinds of auctions in the Free TON. And since many use cases require mechanics auctions guys from DevEx SubGovernance need excellent implementation of several types of online auctions, to present intelligent distribution architecture. Therefore, a tender proposal was created for the implementation of this tool. Contest participants are invited to compete in the creation, testing and deployment of smart contracts which will implement the different types of auctions.

Dates for participation in the contest

  • Application Dates: from June 25 to July 25
  • Voting: from July 26 to August 8

What types of auctions do you need to do?

How should it be presented?

Smart contracts are required to interact with TON Crystal, with TIP-3 tokens, as well as with the transfer function in DePools. The created auctions should be able to generate events in the chain that will inform about the most important state changes used by other smart contracts.

What programming languages can you use?

You can use Solidity, S ++, and their combinations in your work.


1st place – 50 000 TON Crystal
2nd place – 35 000 TON Crystal
3rd place – 20 000 TON Crystal
4th place – 15 000 TON Crystal
5th place – 10 000 TON Crystal

For more information about the competition, read the forum:

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