Greetings! Today a competition has started from the first official FreeTONshop store, or rather from its regular customer – @Excalibur_Code. He decided to hold his own competition with his own conditions, but offered to place the competition through the store’s channel, the administrators gave the go-ahead for this and published the competition.

To take part, you need to complete just a few simple steps:

  • Create any creative work (it can be a drawing, photo, video, postcard, verse, song, dance, story and much, much more)
  • Post your work to one of the social networks (for example, FaceBook, Vkontakte, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Also an important point is attaching a hashtag to the post (look for the hashtag in the official post of the competition)
  • And the last task – you need to send a link to your post to store chat

The most important condition is that the created work must benefit the Free TON project!

As a reward, the freitoner offers a T-shirt with a unique design, created by himself.

The competition starts on June 27 and runs until July 4. There is still plenty of time, so dare and win!

The results will be announced by popular vote in the FreeTONshop channel.

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