I think everyone understands the meaning of this word. What does it mean in the Free TON project? – This is the way to solve this or that problem. It is thanks to the contest that new tools and technical solutions are created that allow the project to develop in its own direction.

Who can create a contest?

Every member of the community! Any user who wants to create something new in the project or proposes alternative methods for solving important problems can make a proposal with a contest on the forum.

What can you get by creating a contest?

If you still manage to come up with an idea that can be implemented through a contest, and at the same time this idea will appeal to the community, then you, as the creator of this proposal, can receive a reward in the amount of a few percent of the total prize pool or a certain fixed reward!

Who can participate in the contest?

Any user who has signed the Declaration of Decentralization, as well as registered on the forum and created his own wallet (for example, in TON Surf), can apply, taking into account his abilities and capabilities.

You can find examples of current and past competitions in Main Governance or choose a specific direction and the corresponding SubGovernance.

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