If you have opened this article, then you want to speak out or already find out how other people are speaking about the Free TON project. It is not always possible to speak publicly at the main forum of the project. In this regard, as well as in order to popularize and promote the Free TON project, it was decided to create special branches on various cryptocurrency forums.

To date, the topic with the discussion of the Free TON project is open at more than 10 of the most famous crypto forums. In 3 of them – in two languages ​​(Russian and English).

This is Bitcointalk

This is the Russian thread. And this is the English thread

This is Cryptotalk

Russian sectionEnglish section (yes, on this forum we were able to agree to create a whole section for Free TON)

This is Altcoinstalks

Here we also managed to agree on the creation of a separate section for Free TON. There is no such division into language sections here, but you can write both in Russian and in English.

In principle, these topics are enough to have a place to discuss Free TON. In addition, it is on these forums that you will really be heard, because they are daily supported by a large team of project forum managers.

They can always help you if you have any questions. Just write your message.

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