If you have read this article, you may be interested in creating another SubGovernance. First of all, before doing anything, I advise you to read this article to the end.

  1. SubGovernance Idea and Objectives

You can’t just want and create some SubGovernance, there must be an obvious idea and clear goals. The created SubGovernance must not be a copy of any other existing one (unless it is undergoing reorganization). You should not copy tasks, otherwise such a SubGovernance is unlikely to be approved and accepted.

2. Like-minded people and team

If you are sure that you can handle the first 2, you need a team. Preferably from 11 people. You and your team are the initial members that run SubGovernance. You will be the one who will propose the main activities in your subdivision. If you already have a command, follow along.

3. Roadmap availability

The most important detail that should be. Without it, your new SubGovernance will also not be accepted. The roadmap should list the events / contests / that are planned to be held. It is advisable to make the map by quarters (by 3 months). This will show the work and make it easier to request a budget for subsequent quarters.

4. Posting a proposal on the forum

This is one of the most important things to do. You cannot create a SubGovernance without it. It is necessary to paint all 3 points above on the forum in the form of a proposal to create a new SubGovernance with a budget request. If the community of freetoners responds positively, then your proposal will be considered by Main Governance.

5. Preparing for an AMA session

If your proposal is considered by Main Governance, then the next step in creating SubGovernance will be participation in a weekly AMA session, where questions from the community will be asked, which you will need to answer. AMA sessions are held in English, so this is also an important point. You must have English speakers on your team, otherwise you will not be able to advance.

6. Submitting your proposal to the blockchain for voting

If Main Governance is satisfied with the answers to the questions, then the next step will be the publication of your proposal on the blockchain. The initial members of Main Governance will vote for him. If you get 50% + 1 votes, then congratulations, propose accepted, SubGovernance is created!

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