It happens that there are competent specialists in their field and accidentally stumble upon the Free TON project. They want to create their own project related to Free TON, but there are not always financial opportunities for this. We hasten to please that you have an excellent opportunity to receive subsidies from Free TON. This article will show you how…

There is such a crowdfunding company that helps startups by funding them with money. It’s about TON Seed. This project allows ordinary users to invest in new startups in Free TON with the subsequent opportunity to earn money on this.

The process of interacting with TON Seed is extremely simple:

  1. If you want to get investments in your project
  • Create a portfolio of your project, outline your goals and objectives, what you want to do, how you will generate profit, and so on.
  • Send your request to the TON Seed administrators
  • Awaiting moderation
  • If your project passes moderation, it will be posted on the TON Seed website
  • You just have to wait for contributors who are interested in your project.

As a bonus, I can suggest you advertise your project in telegram groups that cover the events taking place in Free TON. This will help you recruit your first investors faster.

And remember, the most important thing is the idea of your project. If it is new and interesting, then they will want to invest in your project!

2. If you want to make money by investing in other projects

  • Come to TON Seed
  • Choose a project that you like.
  • Assess the risks, and if everything suits you, invest with TON Crystal.

It’s simple, both for startups and contributors!

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