If you are here, then you are wondering how you can become a jury member in some SubGovernance. Let’s figure it out right away, this article will not give you a 100% guarantee of success, however, if you stick to it, then your chances will grow as high as possible.

  1. The first step is to find out which SubGovernances are recruiting new jury members. As a rule, this happens either immediately after the creation of the next SubGovernance, or after the disqualification of old inactive ones.
  2. If you nevertheless find a set, if you need to look for something here – https://gov.freeton.org/main?section=active
  3. You should definitely familiarize yourself with the requirements for both candidates and applications of candidates. As a rule, different SubGovernance has different requirements.
  4. After reading all the conditions, you need to answer the question: am I competent to participate in this set of juries? – This is a very important question, otherwise how will you evaluate what you do not understand? You will simply waste your time and the time of the initial members who will open your application.
  5. If, nevertheless, you believe that you are competent to evaluate the applications of participants in this particular SubGovernance, then you just have to fill out a competitive application, as well as write down what is required to participate in this competition (they may request to test the applications of some already passed competition)
  6. The most important point: fill out your application beautifully, please! This will give you a much better chance than if you write everything on ordinary A4 sheets.
  7. See here for a guide on how to make an application beautifully

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