Farming is, one might say, one of the ways to make money on cryptocurrency by using them in decentralized projects, which can subsequently give passive income in the form of interest.

How can you make money on this?

In general, the essence is simple. Both the provision and the receipt of a loan is understood as the placement of a person’s cryptocurrencies in a liquidity pool as collateral, or as a deposit. Then the farmer must register in the selected project, which gives loans and must transfer funds to another user, who draws up an application for a loan on the condition that interest will be paid in the future. It turns out that the farmer’s income is bonus tokens or coins received along with the loan interest.

I hasten to please you that quite recently Free TON also has a liquidity pool and now everyone can earn money from farming. A group of people from Alliance requested 25 million TON Crystal from the meing, 15 million of which were sent specifically to the development of Yield-farming.

You can find more details on how to farm and earn TON Crystal here:

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