Today at 14:00 CET (15:00 Moscow) weekly meeting # 61 is scheduled, where the following issues will be discussed:

  • Major updates for the week
  • Big technical changes (I wonder what is there)
  • Free TON – FRAX partnership Proposal Presentation
  • GamePadBot Partnership Proposal Presentation
  • Scam warning!

P.S Finally, this conference will tell you in detail about DeNS tokens: what they are, who can get them and how to use them. At the moment it is known that these are management tokens, thanks to which it will be possible to make important decisions in Free TON, but perhaps the guys will tell you something new. And the most important thing is how to get them and, in general, who can get them. So be sure to come!

Everyone can join the call and can ask their question of interest. You can ask a question in several ways: directly in Zoom (then you need to ask @Dedicate_s for an invitation link, through comments on YouTube, or by writing questions with the tag # WM61)

You can join the meeting via YouTube relay:

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