DeFi SubGovernance has already run 2 jury selections. At the moment, they have 15 active members of the jury who vote for the applications of the participants in the contests. The guys from this SubGovernance came to the conclusion that 15 jury members are not enough, in this regard, they open a new seletion of jury members.

How many new jury members are you willing to accept?

We are ready to accept 5 new members of the jury. Each will be awarded a reward of 500 TON Crystal.

What are the dates of the contest?

  • Start of the contest on July 5: deadline for applications – 30 days (3 August 23:59 UTC)
  • Voting: from 4 August, will last 7 days

What are the requirements for a candidate to apply?

  • Good DeFi knowledge: understanding the basic principles of decentralized finance. Good orientation in the market for DeFi solutions
  • Good experience in trading on decentralized exchanges
  • Understanding How Decentralized Stablecoins Work
  • Experience with smart contracts will be a good addition.
  • A clear knowledge of the operation of one of the solutions in the DeFi market. Possibilities and abilities of the following similar projects: Compound, Maker DAO, Synthetix, etc.

Read more detailed conditions on the forum:

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