One of the Free TON SubGovernances – SMM SG, is holding the next selection of jury members to create a decentralized and independent environment for voting for the works of participants. The guys are recruiting 7 new members of the jury. Each of the winners is expected to receive 50 TON Crystal…

What are the dates of the contest?

  • Start of the contest on July 5: deadline for applications – 7 days (12 July 23:59 UTC)
  • Voting: from 8 July, will last 7 days

What do you need to apply to participate in the contest?

You need to explain and describe your understanding of SMM SubGovernance, what it is for, what tasks it performs. Also, your resume should describe the work that you have done or are doing in this SubGovernance (this will greatly increase your chances of winning). These are just the basic requirements that should be included in every application. But they are only as recomendation. You can present your resume in any form. However, keep in mind that the more complete your resume, the more chances of winning.

To learn more about the contest, rules and terms, follow the link:

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