Already a fairly frequent question in many telegram channels on Free TON, and not only in the telegram, messages with questions about where to buy TON Crystal are also visible on the forum. In principle, the problem is clear, newbies come and want to buy some new interesting cryptocurrency, but there is no information about where to buy. Therefore, this topic will be useful for all newbies.

And so, let’s deal with the most important thing – we will buy cryptocurrency on exchanges. We will not consider any OTC transactions in this article.

  1. Kuna is a good exchange, good withdrawal speed, but there is a small drawback – small trading volumes
  2. is an excellent option not only for beginners, many withdrawal options, high withdrawal speed , large trading volumes – I advise!
  3. Chatex is for beginners who have never purchased cryptocurrency on exchanges
  4. Mexc is on a par with 2 exchanges in our list. Convenient, fast and adequate exchange with good volumes.

I advise you to buy TON Crystal only on these exchanges and not on any others. TON Crystal has also been added to many others, but there they can simply take money from you and not return anything (or the exchange rate is extremely unprofitable)

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