A selection of candidates has been announced who are ready to contribute to the provision of relevant materials for teaching the Free TON blockchain to the African population, with a strong focus on assigned topics that can unleash the full potential of the African continent, as well as who talk about the features and solutions of blockchain for everyday tasks.

What goals and objectives will need to be solved?

  • Assistance in creating a tool for providing information to the people of Africa, which will allow authors to spread their best practices and experience, as well as promote the Free TON blockchain throughout the African continent.
  • Helping to understand and develop the crypto environment by participating in various discussions about alternatives that are available to all those who do not use banking services in Africa.
  • Help promote, understand and comply with the rules that are associated with the use of cryptocurrencies in Africa
  • Helping to educate the African population for decentralized work solutions and funding
  • and others… (more there)

It is proposed to fulfill 3 key KPIs, the total period of which is 3 months. You can read more detailed information about the offer in the message.

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