The Free TON project is developing, and the community is growing every minute. And every day it becomes more difficult to find new worthy representatives of the project who will teach new freetoners everything that they themselves can do inside Free TON. In this regard, one of the project’s SubGovernance, the Global Community, has created an ambassador competition. The aim of this competition was to find competent leaders from all over the world. Free TON Ambassadors will be able to contribute to the development of the project and its popularization among new users.

One of the winners of this contest was the Third Place project. It is a multifunctional city site located in St. Petersburg (Russia). Third Place prepared a program to attract new users to the project and began to implement it. Today, each user can become a member of the platform and receive several test TON Crystal tokens on TON Surf to activate the wallet. To do this, you need to complete a couple of simple tasks:

Everything! You have activated the wallet and you can fully use it!

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