You’ve probably heard about the first official Free TON store – FreeTONshop. If not, then run the link to get acquainted with the products. If you are already familiar, then now there will be good news (or not so much). At the moment, the prices of goods are saved that were set at the TON Crystal rate = $0.8. We advise you to take advantage of this offer as soon as possible, since very soon store managers will change prices upwards and the cost of goods will increase significantly.

Hurry up to order goods at reduced prices while there is such an opportunity (it rarely drops out). Perhaps you have literally a few days left before the price change. Time has passed…

And always remember! By ordering goods in the FreeTONshop store, you not only satisfy your needs, but also develop the Free TON ecosystem, for which we thank you very much!

Also, when ordering products from the Tree TON section, you are immediately God. You help not only the Free TON project and its ecosystem, but also help our “green” partners in planting new trees, since for each sale of partner goods we give away Tree TON.

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