You’ve probably noticed that always when transferring cryptocurrency assets to any wallet (it doesn’t matter from exchange to exchange, and exchange to your wallet, or vice versa) – there is always a line that is signed as a memo. Let’s figure out what this string is and why some exchanges require you to enter it, for example, when making deposits on their platform.

Let’s see how it looks in TON Surf:

Now let’s tell you what it is.

Memo is a comment, the most common comment on a translation. You can specify any message with a length of 122 characters.

In general, exchanges use memo the most when depositing on their platform. This is used to identify payments so that it is clear that the replenishment of their wallet is from you, and not from someone else. Usually, the identification code consists of a certain set of characters and numbers, which must be included in the memo, otherwise you may lose money.

Also, one cannot but tell about the cool messenger implemented in TON Surf. It is absolutely safe to correspond in it. All correspondence is encrypted. However, messages are paid and you will need to pay a network fee to use them.

Basically that’s all, thanks for reading us!

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