The Free TON blockchain stands out from the rest with a unique property. It has a very friendly and always ready to help – community. Our freetoners work and help newbies almost always free of charge. In this regard, back in 2020, a contest was invented aimed at supporting such enthusiasts. Since then, every six months such a contest has been held, where enthusiasts can nominate the most worthy freetoners who are always ready to help and explain / show the newcomer how to do it right.

On July 11, community manager Roman_D published a proposal on the forum to hold this contest due to the fact that 6 months have passed since the results of the first such contest.

Now the first stage is underway, where you need to write 3 nicknames in the comments that you would like to nominate. Also, if you want to participate, you need someone to nominate you too. If you send an application without a nomination, it may be rejected.

The second step will be to create an application and send it. In the application, you will need to attach all the evidence of your help: it can be screenshots, links, tables, etc.

There are no exact dates for the contest yet. But presumably, the application period will run from late July to early August. So collect your application soon.

The contest involves 25 awards: 1st place – 20,000 TON, 25th place – 1000 TON.

25 entries with the highest average score will share 25 prizes.

For more details on the terms and conditions, as well as the prize money and the application process, please follow the link.

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