DeNS is a Decentralized Name System for domains (with auction). Everyone who wants to register a domain name, most likely not even a domain, but a name – he will have to launch an auction. That is, he creates an offer that he wants to launch an auction, including time and a bid, which will go to the name, and so on… Thus, anyone familiar with Free TON can register their domain name in the Free TON network. Moreover, it will look something like this: org/freton/gov.(yourname)

Such names are rather unusual for ordinary users. However, in the future they will be used easily and accessible by all users.

But! There are certain domain names that cannot be registered. These are domains that are already known to the Free TON community and are service domains. They cannot be auctioned. Examples of such domain names: tonos, os, gov, debot, bot, dev, defi, proxy, and others.

What are DeNS tokens for?

DeNS Tokens (Decentralized Name System for domains) are governance tokens, thanks to which you will be allowed to vote on certain decisions made in Free TON.

DeNS tokens will be distributed among all SubGovernances, and each SubGovernance will distribute them among its members.

Who can get DeNS tokens?

  • Initial member of the SubGovernance
  • Member of the jury in the SubGovernance
  • Participant (with the full name and number of the application, as well as the link of contest itself)
  • Active AMA-sessions participant
  • Active participant on the forum and in the telegram chat

If you are someone from this list, or simply think that you deserve to receive them, then you should look for topics on the forum where applications are accepted and give in to candidates for their receipt. Very soon all lists will be collected and DeNS tokens will be distributed.

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