TON Surf, music, blockchain, smart voting – this is a collection of familiar components into an unusual idea – MDEA. They announced the creation of a voting system that will allow little-known performers to gain popularity thanks to blockchain technology and receive financial support.

The voting system will be fully implemented on the Free TON blockchain. When registering, a TON Surf wallet is automatically created, instructions for voting and detailed information about the Free TON project are shown.

Project plan for collected funds for TON Seed:

  • Development and implementation of an intelligent voting system and conditions under which it will be impossible to forge votes (verification).
  • Development and implementation of a remuneration system for performers.
  • Development and implementation of the financial model of the project.
  • Fight club

The project looks interesting and we consider it promising, as we realize the breadth of the music industry and the depth of the prospects for smart contracts.

You can also support the project by following the link to Ton Seed:

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