Many are already familiar with TON Seed, but for those who are not yet familiar – let’s introduce it. It is a crowdfunding platform where various projects related to the Free TON blockchain are published. They describe their goals and objectives and require funding. There are investors who are ready to invest in such projects – they assess their risks and invest if they consider the project promising.

FreeTONCrystal.COM is a new startup that offers good promotion conditions if the required amount is received. They set themselves a big (almost impossible goal!) – to attract more than 25,000 new users to Free TON (no one has been able to do this yet). They explain that they will spend about $ 3,000 to achieve this goal. They plan to enter into partnerships with other platforms to monetize Free TON.

How much is required at the initial stage?

As already mentioned, they require about $ 3,000, which at the current exchange rate is approximately 6,500 TON Crystal.

The guys have a little more than 30 days to collect the required amount. Time has gone!

If you are interested in this project, you can support it by following the link (and if it “shoots” you can earn TON Crystal by doubling your investment in this project!)

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