We have already introduced you to the Broadcast project in this article. I think you should read it first if you are not familiar with this project. But in short, this is a live chat, where everyone can talk to someone from the Free TON community on any free topic. And now the guys have a new announcement: there will be a discussion of the competition proposal from the Free TON Venture Hub project.

When will the event happen?

Friday 16 July 18:00 MCK

Discussion on what issue or topic?

The presentation and architecture of the Free TON Venture Hub will be discussed, as well as the Free TON Venture Hub’s bid on how to find the spirit of business in Free TON.

FRVH is some kind of venture capital organization based on Free TON, thanks to which it provides support to current existing businesses, as well as assistance in introducing innovative technologies (blockchain) in their processes and, most importantly, obtaining funding from partners.

Who will be performing?

The presentation will be Ivan Vetrov and Margarita 1

Where will the presentation take place?

The presentation will take place in the Free TON Voice telegram channel. Don’t be late!

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