There is such a competition in the Free TON project as the encouragement of volunteer work that was carried out within the project (or in the Free TON ecosystem), which has brought, brings or will benefit not only the project / ecosystem, but also the entire community in the whole. And this competition is held 2 times a year in two periods: from January to June and from June to December.

What should be done?

  • First of all, to help teams, SubGovernances and just ordinary members of the community, to answer the questions of freetoners.
  • Do something cool that benefits.
  • Participate in contests, create contests, support contests.
  • Come up with ideas, administer chats, channels, etc.

You can also offer your services to the community and work on a volunteer basis, and then, at the end of six months, apply for, so to speak, an award.

However, please note! A very important point. When submitting an application, you cannot indicate the work for which you have already received payment. Let’s be human and don’t get double pay for the same job. If we want a cool project, it all starts with you.

To read more about this contest you should to click here and go to forum.

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