Every freetoner knows this wallet, has come across the Free TON project at least once. This is the most convenient and practical wallet for storing TON Crystal coins. But not everyone who uses it (or has to use it) knows it completely, in particular, what information can be shared and what cannot.

Seed phrase (12 words)

When registering, you will receive a secret phrase. consisting of 12 words. These words are generated absolutely randomly and are the key to the balance of this wallet. This is the most important information that no one should know about. You cannot replace it. If someone finds out about it, you may be left without funds.

Public and private addresses

Also, to your wallet, you get 2 addresses: public and private. From the words themselves, everything is clear. You can share the public, but not the private. A public address is required when working with smart contracts, just like a private one. However, a private address can empty your wallet. Therefore, only you should know the private address.

Wallet address

Probably the most harmless of all types of information that you can have after creating a wallet. With the wallet address, the interested person can only find out your balance and your transactions.

Pay attention! If you do not encrypt messages in TON Surf correspondence (or in comments to transactions), they will also become available to ordinary users.

Know who you are sharing your public address and wallet address with. Sometimes even transferring this data can be dangerous!

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