Officially, there are currently 25 SubGovernances. But why in quotes? The fact is that not all of them are active at the moment, but this does not prevent them from resuming. An example of such a SubGovernance is Influencers. There are now about 15-18 SubGovernances available and working.

In theory, SubGovernances can be divided into 2 categories:

  • Those that perform tasks in a certain direction are objective (design, development, advertising, etc.)
  • Those that perform complex tasks in a certain area are subjective (Mexico, China, France and so on).

The second category can be described once, since the tasks for almost all subjective SubGovernances are the same.

They popularize the Free TON project on their territory, develop, design for their products, advertise the project and attract new users to the project. We can say that they combine all the tasks of all non-subjective SubGovernances, but on a smaller territory.

Now let’s start describing object SubGovernances:

  • Analytics & Support: these guys are engaged in analytics of partner programs, analytics of the distribution of funds in the project, support of everything that moves in the Free TON ecosystem.
  • Academy: they are engaged in creating conditions for teaching the population something new, of course with a deeper understanding of basic concepts of the Free TON project.
  • Community Voice: PR-service of the Free TON project, events are held to cooperate with the press and publish advertisements in them.
  • Development Experience: developing software based on the Free TON blockchain (TON OS).
  • Influencers: looking for opinion leaders, bloggers, entering into partnerships and collaborations, popularizing the Free TON project.

That’s all, the first part has come to an end.

Expect part 2 soon, where we will describe the main goals and objectives of the remaining SubGovernances.

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