If you don’t know about Broadcast, then this article is for you. In the previous article, we published the announcement of the ama session with the creators of the TON Venture Hub, if you are interested, you can read it. And today (Thursday, July 22) at 18:00 (Moscow time) an ama session is expected with the creator of the first online store FreeTONShop – Svetlana Rotarash.

AMA session with the founder will talk about delivery times, how the process of creating a product is going on. He will tell you about new collections, promotions, gifts and bonuses.. There will be questions about the team, how many people it consists of, who does what, and so on.

Questions will not only be of a technical nature, but there will also be questions about how certain images and designs were created.

If you are also interested in something or want to ask / clarify something, then you can connect to the ama session and ask all your questions personally to Svetlana Rotarash and she will try to answer them.

The AMA session will be held in FreeTON Voice Chat, and in order not to miss anything, I advise you to subscribe to the channel and turn on notifications.

By the way, at the end of the podcast there will be a drawing for the listeners, so be sure to come, everyone has a chance to win!

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