On July 19, one of the users of the Free TON community posted a proposal for a new contest on the forum. The main goal of the contest is to create a soundtrack for the Free TON project. The rest of the community members reacted differently, some agree, and some are against. Let’s figure it out …

Aristotel posted its proposal on the forum on July 19. Then there were several messages from other freetoners supporting this contest. However, one of the users immediately commented on the not very complete conditions and criteria. The initials of the Meingov also joined the dialogue, who also commented on this contest. It was proposed to reduce the remuneration due to the fact that this contest does not have any meaning and benefit for the project. Since then, conditions have changed almost daily, sometimes several times. To date (July 25), the proposal message has been revised 12 times.. And most likely this is not the last edition.

At the moment, the conditions are as follows:

You need to create a soundtrack in any genre so that it has high quality, and you also need to provide it in mp3 format (320 kbps, 44100Hz, stereo)

Should not be longer than 4 minutes

If you become a winner, you will need to submit a competitive work in WAV format (44100Hz, 24 bit, stereo)

One of the most important conditions is that this track should be exclusively your own work.

Any plagiarism will be suppressed and excluded from the contest.

These conditions are most likely sufficient for the current moment, because smaller details will still be refined and modified. The amount of awards will also change, so this information does not need to be provided.

You can follow the whole situation yourself in this topic.

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