You’ve probably heard about the DePR contest, and perhaps even participated in it. According to the terms of this contest, it should have been held almost monthly throughout the year, that is, there should have been 10 stages. We have successfully passed stages 1 and 2, but there is still no third stage. Why? Let’s figure it out…

DePR (Decentralized Press) is a contest with a series of stages (10 stages), the purpose of which is to publish a decentralized press about the Free TON project. Participants need to find any news or thematic sites where they can publish their article according to the rules of the contest. The rules of the contest are simple: you can publish articles anywhere, except on blog sites and sites with which the Free TON project is already cooperating. Also, the main criterion for selecting publications that fully comply with the contest is publication on a site that is in the top 100,000 in the Alexa ranking. As a result, whose applications will show the best results (the largest number of articles, the coolest ratings of the sites on which the articles were published) will be rewarded with huge prizes.

Note: Articles must be published as a user, no press releases or paid publications.

So, the first 2 stages of the contest were successful. You can familiarize yourself with the results of the second stage on your own using the link.

What happened? Why doesn’t an offer to participate in stage 3 appear?

At the moment, one of the active participants of Community Voice took up work and writing a draft for the 3rd stage of the contest. It is planned that in the near future we will see what was announced on the forum and we will be able to discuss new rules for participation.

Follow the news and stay informed about everything!

We are looking forward to the soonest updates…

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