In Free TON, a SubGovernance was created called Academy, which would solve the issues of teaching new users something new. The guys from SubGovernance Influencers took part and presented a course for beginners – Introduction to Free TON.

This course explains the basic things that every freitoner should know. The most frequently asked questions are considered and answered.

The course is divided into topics for more systematic learning, which makes it as comfortable as possible to learn this or that information, without getting confused in a huge number of lessons.

The guys also prepared special quizzes for beginners at the end of each lesson to test their knowledge of how accurately and correctly the beginner studied the information. As far as we know, the authors of the course will update it within a month and add a few more lessons + video guides on how to install TON Surf, how to register and trade on the exchange, and many others.

If you are a beginner or just interested in the course, then you can follow the link and study all the necessary information.

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