In this article we will describe the main goals and objectives of the second part of SubGovernances, we have already published the first part on the site, you can find it by the link.

And so, let’s start:

  • Web & Design: This SubGovernance deals with the creation of graphics, illustrations. Everything related to the design of those products that are or are needed by the Free TON project.
  • DeFi: those who are familiar with cryptocurrencies have probably understood what this SubGovernance does. The guys are creating decentralized finance services. You can read more about it here
  • NFT: This SubgGovernance creates various platforms and implements non-fungible tokens, those who are familiar with cryptocurrencies will probably know what this is about.
  • Wiki: contributors write articles about Free TON in the style of Wikipedia, make the project more recognizable thanks to publications that reflect the whole essence of the project (and the ecosystem as a whole).
  • SMM: Social media marketing, advertising, the same PR. Perhaps you will say that they are somewhat similar to Community Voice SubGovernance and we will answer you: “Yes!”. Many SubGovernances are similar in terms of the fact that they perform the same tasks, but it is worth noting that there is still a difference and you should not belittle any SubGovernance due to the fact that it has the same tasks as from another.

The most important thing to understand is that all of us, all SubGovernances have the same goal – to popularize and promote the Free TON project.

That’s all. The second part is over. Expect the third part soon, we will tell you about the remaining SubGovernances.

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