Guys! With us you can already play not only poker, but also chess! How do you like that !? Free TON is growing before our eyes. In this article, we will introduce a new game and show you how you can earn TON Crystal by playing chess.

And now, if you know how to play chess or checkers, then very soon, namely on August 2 (Monday), there will be a game in the telegram chat, where you can show your level and earn coins.

Rewards in TON Crystal will receive:
– First 5 prizes
– Each participant will receive an incentive bonus 💎

What do you need to participate?

Rewards Sponsor – the first platform to sell goods and services worldwide for TON Crystal – BuyForTON

It is also worth saying a big thank you to the guys from Belarus, because it is thanks to them that these two new games appeared – chess and checkers in our large ecosystem – Free TON.

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