It is planned to discuss a rather interesting question with you. Very often I see messages like: “we are waiting for the administration to approve the contest”, “the administration said to reduce the prize money”, “… the administration …”, “the administration …”. Let’s see if there really is an administration in the Free TON project or if someone is mistaken.

Let’s answer right away – there is no administration or central governing body in the Free TON project!

So what makes the decisions? – All community members.

Why is there such an opinion that the project has an administration?

Everything is simple here. There are freetoners who are trying to create some kind of contest and they have a problem: their contest goes unnoticed by some authoritative participants in the project. Is it really so? No! It’s all about your offer.

If the contest does not bring any benefit to the Free TON project and does not have any semantic meaning, then such a contest does not even finish reading and leaves the page of your proposal.

The second point: this is when users who have created an offer to create a contest do not defend their thoughts, their vision. They believe that if they received some kind of negative response, then that’s it – the contest will not be approved. No, it is not so ! Understand, the decision is always up to the community.

Forget about the existence of Main SubGovernance, they only make decisions based on the wishes of the majority of the project participants. It is the majority of votes that are taken into account in the project when making any proposals.

There is consensus in Free TON!

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