DePool is a smart contract that allows you to invest cryptocurrency (in our case, it is TON Crystal) into a common pool, from where they will receive their stakes back, but with interest.

Why does the investment take place in the general pool? Because in the case when a node does not have enough funds to create a steak, a common pool is created, which is further invested as a whole. And users who have invested in this pool in the future will receive payments with interest from this pool, depending on the size of their investment.

There are special types of steaks that function in accordance with all the conditions described here.

Look Steak

This type of staking is described in such a way that funds are locked in DePool for a certain period, and at the end the locked stake is returned back. The lock steak cannot be divided or moved.

Vesting steak

This steak is cut into pieces. Each piece of the steak is opened to the validator at the end of the transition period. At the end of each round, DePool decides how many pieces of the steak must be opened and subtracted from the steak to become available to the validator.

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