If you are reading this article, you have probably ever thought about creating your own contest or you are a very active beginner who wants everything at once. Whatever you want and whoever you are, now we will figure out in this article what you need to do to hold your contest.

First of all, you need to realize whether your contest really solves some important problem of the Free TON community and ecosystem. Understand, there is no point in creating contests for “who will sing the song better”, “monopoly game in the style of Free TON” and so on.

Your contest proposal must benefit the community. If this is a waste of TON Crystal, then such contests will not be 100% accepted.

These are 2 basic requirements for contests, but in general, here is the ideal plan for making a cool proposal and getting approval and acceptance.

  1. Identifying a problem in the Free TON project
  2. Searching for an idea to solve this problem (read more about TIPS (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving)). This will help to form the best solution for a specific problem
  3. Competent presentation of the problem and ideas for its solution on the forum. (You can find a guide on how to make an offer on the Free TON forum)
  4. Select the (SubGovernance) section for which this contest is suitable. And post your ready proposal right there.
  5. Spread your proposal on telegram chats. Find the maximum number of responses and messages. This is important so that relevant people can see it.
  6. If they ask questions, answer with specificity, clearly arguing your thoughts.

If you follow this order, then you will most likely be able to create a competition that will eventually be accepted! I wish you success!

  • An interesting moment! By creating contests, you can earn TON Crystal for running and administering the contest. So be sure to try your hand at this!

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