TON-EXPLORER developers announce a change of their domain name. The new address is now shorter and easier to remember. Meet the new address –!

For those who do not know about TON-EXPLORER (TONSCAN): what is it and what is it for?

TON-EXPLORER is this Free TON blockchain explorer from the Broxus development team. Broxus is a multi-level turnkey platform for crypto exchanges, e-commerce, trading platforms.

Thanks to this explorer, you can easily check any transaction, any wallet, any data regarding the Free TON blockchain. And all this on one site. The site is made by professionals, thanks to whom ordinary users can easily understand the interface.

We can also notice that the main page displays a brief description of the blockchain, which includes: the number of blocks, the number of transactions, the number of messages, the number of accounts, volumes in 24 hours, as well as the total number of TON Crystal that exist.

The explorer works in real time and you can see for yourself by the link

Also, don’t forget to bookmark the new address for quicker access to the explorer!

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