In this last 3 part, we will talk about the remaining SubGovernances, what their main purpose is and briefly describe their purpose. If you haven’t read the first or second part, then I recommend starting over with them.

This will probably be the most difficult part for the concept, almost all SubGovernances are connected around technical terms, well, let’s go:

ForMet: improve the software used in Free TON through the use of formal verification methods, which reduces risk and makes it more secure.

Numiz: the first private SubGovernance. They are engaged in the creation of virtual coins – Numises (based on NFT technology). Private SubGovernance, because TON Crystal is not requested from Main Governance.

DGO: Are developing Governance 2.0, by completely updating all systems, including the design (design).

Cryptography: this SubGovernance is not yet available, but a message from famous personalities in Free TON has been published on the forum, so it will most likely be adopted soon.
And so, this Sub is engaged in cryptography, development and improvement of the protocol and applications on Free TON base with constructions, tool kits.

In principle, this is where our last and final part comes to an end. But if there are more SubGovernances, we will also tell you more about them!

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