I have been with the Free TON project for a relatively long time. During all this time of being in the community, participating in many contests, I noticed some, so to speak, not life hacks, but little things that not everyone notices, but if you notice them, you can really increase your chances of winning!

  1. Read the bid carefully.
    Usually potential participants do not study the entire competition in detail. They read the main idea, the essence of what they have to do, and do not finish the rest of the text. It is in them that some additional important information may be hidden, which you may forget to include in your application and because of which your points will be lowered. Therefore, the advice is this: read the entire tender proposal from beginning to end!
  2. Design your presentations nicely and conveniently for the jury members.
    Than the same works, but designed in regular presentations without infographics. Sometimes it is important not only a clear creation of a product, but also a beautiful presentation of this product.
  3. Do not conflict with the jury members
    There are situations when one or another jury member could show you the wrong one, in your opinion , estimate. And impatient participants immediately run to shout on the forum about what kind of jury members are bad, that all the contests are purchased and so on. This is not worth doing. To solve the problem, it is enough to write the required SubGovernance in the chat in the telegram once. Your problem will be solved quickly and without conflicts.

By following these simple rules, you will really increase your chances of winning the contests! Good luck!

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