A proposal has appeared on the forum to create a new SubGovernance – Cryptography SG. What is he for? – the document mentions that the initial preparations for the expansion of the Free TON ecosystem have been created and now there is a need for application tools and protocols.

Therefore, the goal of the new SubGovernance is to develop and improve the protocols and applications of the Free TON project with requiring and appropriate constructs, research and protocols.

Currently 9 initial members are proposed.

Among the main tasks that are going to be solved, the key ones can be distinguished:

  • Competition protocols: this includes competition for the implementation of an anonymous token, formalization of the trust procedure, etc.
  • Tool competitions: this includes competitions for creating support for aggregated configuration, schema compiler, support for generating primary input .
  • Other contests: constant contests for finding bugs, recursive injection support schemes, and others.

An amount of 5,000,000 TON Crystal is requested for all contests (for 4 months).

If you want to learn more about the proposal, then follow the link on the forum.

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