The Free TON project is evolving at a bewitching pace. And the number of channels and chats about him is growing every day. Every day a lot of new information appears and Free TON Broadcast was invented and created to share it, as well as discuss interesting points.

This is a unified platform for voice communication of users of the Free TON community in telegram.

But the highlight is in Free TON Voice Chat, where all participants can chat on their favorite topics about the project. In the same place, those who wish can leave applications for participation in the conference on selected topics in Free TON Broadcast.

By the way! Another issue with an interesting speaker will be released very soon!

On July 8, at 19:00 UTC, a conference (AMA session) will be held with three representatives of the Free TON Academy, who will talk about the main goals and objectives in the near future.

The speakers will include the following personalities:

  • Evgeny Morozov
  • Pavel Alimov
  • Darkwing duck

Free TON Academy is a sub-department of Free TON, which is responsible for teaching and creating new educational courses dedicated to the Free TON ecosystem (and not only!)

It will be interesting, be sure to come!

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