Recently, I have noticed more and more new people entering the project. And I began to notice such a moment that not everyone understands the difference between Free TON and TON Crystal. Therefore, this article will be devoted to exactly this, let’s finally figure out what these concepts mean and how not to confuse them, let’s go.

Free TON is a system. This is the blockchain from which the TON Crystal coin was created.

TON Crystal is a coin based on Free TON. (By the way, it is also important to remember that TON Crystal is a coin, not a token. This is confused by many, even active participants of the Free TON project)

Free TON cannot be bought, it is a project system. And you can buy TON Crystal, this is a coin.

Life hack: how to distinguish coins from a token
– If you have your own blockchain, then this is a coin.
– If it is created on the basis of someone else’s blockchain, then it is a token.

However, the project should not be called TON Crystal. It is only a “means of payment” within the Free TON project.

In order not to confuse these concepts, you should study in more detail also our other articles written especially for the very beginners. You can find these articles here.

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