On August 9, a message was published on the forum about the proposal to introduce such a game as the mafia with rewards for winning. The author of this idea was an active member of the Free TON community – Aristotel.

Initially, it is proposed that the game will take place once a week in telegram chats. Prizes in case of victory (at the time of publication of the contest proposal) are as follows:

  • If the team of civilians wins, then each of the participants gets 30 TON Crystal
  • If the mafia team wins, then each of the participants gets 30 TON Crystal
  • If the killer wins , then he gets 60 TON Crystal.

The game administrator himself wants to receive 100 TON Crystal for each game played.

The Free TON Guru team was lucky to take part in the test game. The game was excellent. A special difference from the real game is that in the chat it is not always possible to understand the facial expressions and reactions of the players, which greatly complicates the game. Nevertheless, the humor and fun were at the maximum level.

According to current statements, 13 participants can take part in the game. But these are not final figures, it is possible that there will be additions with new characters.

If you want to learn more about the offer, then follow the link to the offer.

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