is a service for implementing Decentralized Naming Service (DeNS). If you are familiar with the usual and familiar to us implementation of web domains, then you will be surprised, but in Free TON they will have a slightly different look, for example: take the site, its domain in Free TON will look like: org/freeton/name.

So, this service has released a new update, which includes:

  • Updated design
  • A tab has been added that displays the latest activity on the site (Latest Activity) with a complete list of domains in the blockchain sorted by date of last activity
  • Added support for TON Wallet, now you can administer your domains without using debot (but the debot also remains)
  • A tab with a list of your domains (My domains) has been added, from now on you do not need to record your domains on other media, now they are in one click.
  • The API has been updated, more information is available here

Be sure to stay tuned for updates on this topic, soon we will publish a guide article on how to buy a domain and what you can do with it.

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